Land Rover car hire

Land Rover car hire

Land Rover car hire Land Rover Discovery car hire

Land Rover Discovery car hire from £165 per day

Land Rover car hire with Luxury Car Services

As adept off road as it is on – the Land Rover car hire truly is a great vehicle for all conditions and scenarios. Ideal for a weekend trip to the Lakes, Scottish highlands or Snowdonia, a Land Rover hire can easily cope with steep gradients, dirt tracks and tricky conditions with plenty of space for all that luggage. The Land Rover benefits from features such as fully independent air suspension too keep a stable ride and CommandShift® – a Land Rover developed system that automatically responds to road conditions so you don’t have to be an off road expert!

A Land Rover Discovery hire can also be a great alternative to a people carrier. The Disco can seat seven adults in comfort – and with 440 Nm of torque, has plenty of power to haul them along.

So whether you’re off on a climbing holiday or are looking for something larger to take the family away for a weekend, a Land Rover car hire is ideal. We have special rates for four days or more…