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Mercedes SL car hire rear view

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Mercedes SL car hire from £450 per day

A low lying sports car, beautiful and stylish in its simplicity, the Mercedes SL car hire is a Mercedes star. The attractive squared smoothness of the body shape, shines above other cars, in true Mercedes fashion, there is no doubt about it the SL63 as a commanding presence. Low on the road and absolutely packed with character, passers-by will stop and stare as you pass in your exquisite car hire.

The automatic gear change makes this Mercedes an uncomplicated drive, and reaching 60 miles per hour from standstill in 4.2 seconds makes this roadster a sports car to respect. It has a 517 horsepower engine under the bonnet which provides the sturdy sound of a good performer on the road. The interior is as stylish as the outer skin.

The seats for driver and passenger have long leg room in front and are fully adjustable luxury loungers, which are perfect on long drives. The steering wheel offers good grip and, all in all, the SL63 AMG is a wonderful Mercedes SL car hire experience.

Mercedes SL car hire interior

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