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Mercedes S-Class leasing

Luxury Car Services offer customers the opportunity of Mercedes S-Class leasing in the UK. This is a car that oozes luxury and cutting edge technology. Coupled with this is a luxury drive in a roomy cabin that boasts high end interiors.

We offer Mercedes S-Class leasing with a variety of engines including diesel and hybrid. All are powerful, economical and give you a smooth and exceptionally quiet ride.

The interior of the Mercedes S-Class has been beautifully designed and features double stitched leather upholstery. Two large touchscreen displays dominate the dashboard and high quality metal also features on areas such as the gear surround. The car has also been beautifully designed for the comfort and ease of the driver, as the driver’s seat position can be adjusted electronically. Space in the rear of the car is also very generous with ample leg room available. There are also multiple rear seat positions that are available depending on number of passengers and additional storage space needed. This feeling of space carries on to the boot, where there is a large amount of room to accommodate luggage and belongings for the whole family.

The Mercedes S-Class is an incredibly safe car to drive and has many safety features as standard. There is a Pre Safe system, night vision and a function that allows you to safely follow the car in front when stuck in a traffic jam, so if you momentarily lose concentration you won’t have an accident.

To find out more information about Mercedes S-Class hire purchase from Luxury Car Services, then please contact us today.

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