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Mercedes SLK leasing

Picture the scene: you are cruising down the motorway, on your way to finalise a 9-figure deal; or perhaps instead going to the highlands of Scotland, with your drop-dead gorgeous partner sitting only inches away from you. The leather of your seat makes those reassuring creaking noises that exude quality, as does the brushed aluminium and trim of the dashboard and cabin. The full-colour 5.8 inch display screen, eight-speaker system and retractable hardtop with panoramic roof panel, all fitted as standard, are of the quality you’ve come to expect from Mercedes SLK leasing.

As you continue to cruise along the highway, those you pass see fleeting glimpses of your chrome-finned vents, LED lights and distinctive long bonnet. The Mercedes SLK is a celebration of iconic roadster design.

Now, you may be wondering how you can afford to be driving such a luxurious, comfortable and stylish car. Have you won the lottery? Or got that dream promotion you’ve been yearning for ever since starting at your company?


After all, this is not a fantasy. You are still in the real world. Even if you are not yet closing the big deals or going on the finest holidays, you can still afford to get around in a luxury car. That commute everyday, the grocery trip, even just going out and about at the weekend, all will become far more pleasurable in a Mercedes SLK.

Lease a Mercedes SLK, and you can have the luxury at an affordable price. Alternatively, for savvy buyers, you could go down the Mercedes SLK hire purchase route and own the car at the end of the period. Regardless of whether you choose Mercedes SLK leasing or hire purchase, you will drive the Mercedes.

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